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At Bear Mountain Builders, LLC, we provide long-term solutions to your roofing needs. Our Conklin roofing services add value to your property, maximize your roof’s durability, and protect your home or business. If you want to get the most out of your roof, you’ve come to the right place.

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Conklin Roofs: A History of Excellence

For over 40 years, Conklin has been a pioneering roof systems manufacturer. Over that time, they’ve produced a range of trusted products—from cleaners and primers to caulks and sealants—designed to extend a roof’s lifespan and optimize its efficiency. Their major innovation, however, is acrylic roof coatings.

At Bear Mountain Builders, LLC, we’re proud to be a certified Conklin roofing contractor. We treat your roof with Conklin coatings, as well as cleaners, primers, sealants, and more, to overhaul it and boost its performance. As a small business, we give you the best of both worlds: the unsurpassed quality of a Conklin roof, and the unmatched service experience that you’d expect from a local service provider.

Experience the Benefits of a Conklin Roofing System

Our Conklin roof applications boast numerous benefits for our clients. Ultimately, your roof is a long-term investment: it demands smart, sustainable options so that you get the most return on it possible. Conklin helps you achieve exactly that, thanks to the following features:

Protective Finish

Our treatments strengthen your roof, prevent wear and tear, and protect it from damage. With a Conklin roof coating, you’ll have fewer repairs, fewer headaches, and more money in your wallet.

High Energy Efficiency

A Conklin roof is reflective and well-insulated. Consequently, it protects your home from extreme heat and cold, moderating its internal temperature so that it’s more comfortable, no matter the season. The result? Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and less money spent on your utility bill. Talk about smart.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Conklin roof applications do not replace your existing roof. Instead, they dramatically improve the existing roof without the need for major repairs or shingle replacements. It’s fast, it’s affordable, and it’s an unbeatable value.

Trust the Leading Local Conklin Roof Contractor

With years of experience, we at Bear Mountain Builders, LLC have developed a strong reputation as a trusted, dependable roofing contractor. We are a team of tradespeople—masters of our craft—committed to providing an outstanding service experience to each of our customers. What does that experience look like?

Fast Turnaround Times

When at your location, we use efficient labor practices to speed up our turnaround times, ensuring we service your roof in a minimal amount of time. Same-day service is what you can expect out of us.

Unrivaled Workmanship

Shortcut is not a word in our vocabulary. Despite our speed, we maintain strict quality control procedures to verify that our workmanship is flawless. No more, no less.

Open Communication

We keep the line of communication open with our clients. That way, we can meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Every time.

Affordable Prices

Because we work efficiently, we’re able to save our clients considerable sums of money. With us, you’ll find out just how far your money can take you. See for yourself.

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